1958 - 2008

Our 50th Anniversary 


Thanks to preparations by our local organizing committee, the reunion festivities went off like clock work and were GREAT fun.  Classmates had a chance to visit the school facilities, had a leisurely tour of Chi Lin Nunnery, and had our traditional dinner get-together.  David did a slide show of old photos, and gave each classmate the photo CD.  Kwong K H signed copies of his new book for us, and Richard introduced the guests of honor.  David had an elegant watch made for the occasion.  Frank hired a professional photographer and gave us CD and large prints....  So, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!  The rest of us REALLY appreciate your work!

書於畢業五十週年聚餐     徐孔泉

半紀風雷轉瞬間  相逢不復舊朱顏  當年濟世青雲志  今雖垂老未闌珊

即席次韻和孔泉兄         梁兆文

六載寒窗卷牘間  今宵重聚盡歡顏  金禧迴首青雲路  豪情意氣未闌珊

For photos of reunion, click   http://class58.smugmug.com     (Please share your photos.  ^_^  Send pics and updates to Yuk Leung.)  

Our class now has 3 accounts on the Internet.

(1)  This web site.    http://class58.20m.com

(2)  A collection of photos to share.    http://class58.smugmug.com

(3)  Classmates' contact info.    http://address.yahoo.com    User ID is  "classof1958"    If you don't remember the password, please ask David, Kwan Yuen or Yuk Leung.  

November  2007

賀王祖耀同學榮封聖約翰騎士     徐孔泉

王謝烏衣眾所知    祖澤綿綿應此時    耀世功勳今晉爵    君恩聖寵在玉墀

次韻和孔泉同學                 梁兆文

賀客盈門遠近知    王後盧前極一時    祖源聖地千歲爵    耀目榮勳授丹墀





             聖地千歲爵,聖約翰騎士團又名耶路撒冷騎士團(Order of St. John, Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem,1088年成立於聖地耶路撒冷,宗旨為照料貧病交逼之朝聖者,因此有近一千年歷史.至今聖約翰救傷隊救死扶傷之精神不變.

We have a few pics at  http://class58.smugmug.com      (Need more photos of the dinner.)

Please click on photos to follow link.

Leung SM's poems  (Earthquake in China, 2008)

Cheng's travelog  (South Africa, updated 2007)

  Paul's treasure  (12/03)

  Season's greetings, 2000 & 2001  (12/01) 

     Collecting stamps, note (12/01)

New book  (to facilitate conversations between chickens and ducks  ^_^ )   (11/01)

Pics of family  (10/01)

 2 articles   (11/01)

  Updated  (8/01) 

  Fishy pics  (6/01)

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Books  (3/01)

Daily life   (3/01)

andBook, put in by CYL   (2/01)

For our entire class  (2/01)

For our entire class  (2/01)

Family photo  (1/01)

An old PSA link & Arctic Circle (12/00)

In honor of our classmates who had passed on  (updated 2/08)


Thanks to David, we now have a list of the recipients.  Click here for the list.

Reunion,  October 2003

Our class had a successful and joyful reunion in HK in October, 2003. Forty-five years after graduation!! Many thanks to David and the rest of the local organizing committee.
Thanks also to Frank, who is having a video made of the festivities.  He will send a copy to each classmate.
And thanks to Paul Wong, who sent everyone a very nice DVD of the 2001 reunion.
THANKS  for doing all the work. ^_^


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CLASS REUNION  August, 2001   Vancouver
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JOKES  2001        (This may take a while to load.)